Jun 12, 2013

Team your jeans with ...

Hi Sweethearts,
Oh, how I miss those proper summer nights where you can wear just tank top and sandals and you still feel really warm. When I see this combination I just want to be in some lovely beach bar and listen to a great music with cocktail in my hand. For now I just have to keep dreaming and inspire you and myself how to team your jeans :)
Strasne mi chybi teple vecery, kdy si vystacite s natelnikem a sandalky a je vam porad teplo. Kdyz vidim tuhle kombinaci, touzim sedet v nejakem plazovem baru, poslouchat hudbu a popijet koktejl. Zatim si musim vystacit s touto inspiraci a predstavovat si, ze si kracim v dzinech a flitrovem topu v krasny podvecer.
Love Glamazon xoxo
Clothes: Chanel Bag, Topshop Top, Steve Madden Sandals

1 comment:

  1. Super kombinace na večer. Ten top je úžasný!



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