Feb 13, 2013

You Can Leave your Hat on

Hey Darlings,

Yes I am referring to a famous song by Full Monty (Tom Jones) and to be honest it is a good, old and classic music so why not? If you wear classic white shirt and cropped black blazer you can just simply leave your hat on to have a bit more fun with your outfit. And of course I did not forget my leather pants (lately again one piece I can wear all the time...what an investment). Well and I have to let you know these are not retouched photos so be NICE !!!

Have a fabulous day.

Dnesni titulkou mam na mysli starou, klasickou a skvelou skladbu od Full Monty (Tom Jones) a proc ne, je to dobra hudba a vzdycky me roztanci. Kdyz se rozhodnete dat si klasickou bilou kosili a sacko, tak jak vidite doplnek jako klobouk tomu doda trosku stavy. Tohle je jedna z mych oblibenych kombinaci. Prijde mi, ze spousta jednoduchych veci proste vypada lepe s kloboukem na hlave. A tak proste you can leave your hat on. A budte na me hodni, protoze fotky jsou sice ze studia, ale tyhle nejsou retusovane !!!

Preji vsem krasny den.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Wearing: Gap Shirt, Silence Noise Blazer, Topshop Necklace and Hat


  1. I love the hat! You are gorgeous!

    <3 Zoe (´∀`)

    PS join my Cute GIVEAWAY on my blog! Until Febuary 16th!



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