Dec 14, 2012

Team your jeans with

Hello Darlings,

I am here with a next team your jeans with inspiration. Ok, the weather is perfect for wearing jeans and this would be a good combination for a chilled party. If you do not want to do too much effort just pick a lace top, gorgeous leopard heels and a bright colour cardigan. 

Prinasim dalsi inspiraci, jak se daji nosit dziny. A kdy jindy se daji poradne nosit dziny nez v chladnem pocasi. Spouste nas se pomalu nechce ven, natoz tak it na party treba v lodickach a satech. Takze proc si nedat treba dziny s krajkovym topem a vyraznym svetrikem. Nekdy vyhrava pohodli.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Clothes: Villa Jumper, Atmosphere Lace Top, Emilio Pucci Boots, Marc Jacobs Clutch, Topshop Ring


  1. presne tak ty boty :) ach :)




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