Dec 13, 2012

New In....Heels, Heels, Heels

Hey Darlings,

Yes I am a shoes lover and I love heels. Not sure if my feet love them as much as I do. Yes they can hurt and sometimes you just leave all the beauties on the shelf and go for the easier flat option.

Well, I have an idea how to solve this...all we need is a personal driver so he can drive us around if we want to wear high shoes. 

Well, how else am I going to wear these gorgeous red Aldo shoes and Kurt Geiger beauties?

Jsem milovnik bot a taky podpatku. Nejsem si jista, zda me nohy budou souhlasit, protoze to nekdy zatracene boli. Casto volim pohodlnejsi volbu a proste si dam nizke boty a ty vysoke se tak maximalne vystavuji doma na polici. 

Na tohle mam ale skvele reseni, kazda holka by mela mit osobniho ridice , at si ty vysoke boty muzeme konecne uzit. A je to.

Jak jinak tyhle cervene Aldo botky a skvele Kurt Geiger sandaly poradne vynosim :DDD

A nezapomente na GIVEAWAY.

Love Glamazon xoxo


  1. I too agree with getting a personal driver LOL! Lovely heels!!
    xoxo Debby

  2. tie cerneve su super :)




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