Nov 11, 2012

Oldie but a Goodie

Dear All,

I think I am going through a period where I start to pick really old pieces from my closet and wear them instead of picking the new or wanting to buy new and show them off straight away. To be quite frank I have three absolutely full wardrobes so I guess you can always find something in there what you have not seen.
Most of these pieces are my old but good pieces put together to create functional outfit to run around. I went to visit two of my friends in one day (you know the weekends are not long enough) and I felt I needed to wear these spider nets tights that I wore two weeks later after Halloween :DDD

Well a bit crazy combo but somehow it did work for me.

Prochazim asi fazi, kdy mam porad chut vytahovat ze skrine stare kusy, misto tech novych a skladat oufity prevazne z nich. Abych byla uprimna, mam tri totalne napraskane skrine, takze se vzdy neco najit. Nekdy starsi muze byt mozna jeste lepsi, ne? O vikendu jsem v jeden den sla na dve navstevy, takze jsem potrebovala relativne obycejni a pohodlny outfit. A kdyz budete namitat, ze mam podpatky, tak ty jsou docela pohodlne. A o dva tydny pozdeji jsem vytahla tyhle halloweenske puncochy s pavucinama :) Pozde, ale prece.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Wearing: Mango Coat, Balenciaga Bag, Marks & Spencer Jumper, H&M Shorts and Necklace, Kurt Geiger Boots, Asos Hat


  1. I need to shop my closet too. There you go in that fabulous leopard. Gorgeous coat.
    Casual Clothes for Less | Girlie Blog Seattle

  2. Ja mam tuto fazu prave teraz tiez. A velmi ma bavi, pretoze objavujem kombinacie, o ktorych by sa mi ani nesnivalo :) Takze palec hore!


  3. Ten kabát je prostě dokonalý! Miluji kousky, co jsou forever :-)


  4. Opět ten úžasný kabát. Punčochy jsou super! Já touhle fází procházím občas. :)

  5. Dekuju vsem...thank you guys



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