Jul 30, 2012

Team your jeans with.....

Hey guys,

This is another more summer style combination for your jeans. My mum got me this cute soft pink shirt and it is so light that it would go perfect with jeans. The clutch is screaming for some gold things to go with so why not to pick huge chain and gold sandals. Here we go.

Dalsi letni kombinace k dzinum. Maminka mi poridila tuhle ruzovou lehkou kosili a da se nosit i v opravdu teplem pocasi. A vyrazne psanicko si primo rika o zlate doplnky. Takze poradny retaz a zlate sandalky jsou skvelou volbou.

Clothes: Shirt Gate, River Island clutch, Guess sandals


  1. ty sandalky jsou krasny!


  2. To musí vypadat skvěle s džínami! Ty kabelka je úžasná. :)



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