May 20, 2013

Team your jeans...

Hey Guys,
I have been wearing this shirt all the time since I bought. It was a really good bargain. And I totally forgot about this Love Moschino bag. This combo would be definitely good to create double denim look.
And thank you everybody for lovely emails and comments. It makes my day better...always :) so keep them coming.
Od te doby co jsem si koupila tuhle kosili, mam chut ji porad nosit. Krasne sedi a ke vsemu se hodi. A taky jsem znovu objevila tuhle Love Moschino kabelku. Myslim, ze prijemna kombinace na double denim styling.
A moc dekuji za hezke emaily a komentare, cloveka to od srdce potesi a jsem rada, ze se sem vracite a ze vas to tady bavi. Takze klidne piste dal.
Love Glamazon xoxo
Wearing: Chanel Pumps, Atmosphere Shirt and Necklace, Love Moschino Bag

1 comment:

  1. Nedivím se, že bys košili nosila pořád, je skvělá.



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