Jan 5, 2013

Team your jeans with ...

Hi Sweethearts,

How is your first week in 2013? I am happy and hopefully my blogging mood will come back soon. I am bringing another post team your jeans with. This time I picked lot of black, rose gold necklace and animal print D&G clutch. I guess you cannot go too wrong with this combination.

Jak probiha u vas prvni tyden v roce 2013? Ja jsem spokojena, jenom cekam, az me chytne opet blogovaci nalada. Prinasim vam alespon dalsi post team your jeans with a tentokrat jsem vybrala opet ruzove zlato a klasickou kombinace cerne a zvireciho potisku.
Myslim, ze je to sazka na jistotu.

Preji vsem krasny den.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Clothes: D&G clutch, Forever 21 Top, Silence & Noise Blazer

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