Dec 22, 2012

Team your jeans with...

Hey My Dears,

I am writing this on Monday (which is actually a day off for me). I am in the mood for baking and watching Breakfast at Tiffany's so after a deserved workout I make sure I will eat at least one (I bet it will be more than that though).

And this is another team your jeans with outfit and as you can see I am still a big fan of rose gold jewellery.

Tento post pisi v Pondeli, kdy mam shodou okolnosti i volno. Mam chut na peceni a taky se podivat na Snidani u Tiffanyho. Az si upecu cupcakes, tak asi i jeden snim, protoze jsem si poctive zacvicila. Ale jak se znam, nezustanu u jednoho.

Tohle je dalsi team your jeans with post a jak vidite, jsem stale fanousek ruzoveho zlata.

Mejte se krasne.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Clothes: Blazer Zara, Jewellery Oasis, Vintage Clutch and Kate Moss for Tosphop Top

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