Sep 1, 2012

Shopping day

Hello Darlings,

This is a very quick outfit post from our shopping Saturday this weekend. I went to check out the new Victoria Secret store today with my friends so went for very comfortable outfit as you can see. I picked my new top with panther and also this amazing blazer by Calvin Klein, you may call it boring but I love the that blazer. It looks so feminine and although I bought it for work as you can see you can wear it with leather trousers as well. I will write about the VS store next week a bit more.

Thank you for stopping by.

Mensi outfit post z nasi nakupni Soboty. Rozhodla jsem se s kamaradkama, ze omrknu novy Victoria Secret obchod na New Bond Street a tak jsem si na nakupy vybrala i pohodlny outfit. Dala jsem si novy top s panterem a take nove Calvin Klein sacko, ktere bylo puvodne do prace, ale diky svemu uzasnemu strihu se hodi snad ke vsemu. Dokonce i ke kozenym kalhotum jak vidite :) Jsem z nej nadsena. A o VS obchodu napisu urcite vice tento tyden.

Dekuji za navstevu blogu.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Wearing: Zara top and trousers, Balenciaga bag, Converse shoes, Rayban sunglasses, Calvin Klein blazer


  1. I can never say no to Victoria's Secret. Lovely jacket. I like how it slenderizes your frame.
    Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  2. Tohle je presne podle myho gusta, zkombinovala bych to uplne stejne :)

    1. ja bych radsi poradny podpatky, ale to neni na shopping idealni :)

    2. Neee, ty bily conversky jsou k tomu hrozne cool, na den urcite... :)



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