Sep 30, 2012

Balenciaga and Balmain

Hey guys,

I should jump up and down as my favourite crochet, leather, hoop earrings and asymmetry are still going to be in fashion in spring and summer. I absolutely love these pieces, the cuts, the materials, the colour combinations. It is simply perfection. And those gold rings from Balenciaga show??? Super cool :)

And by the way if you are into modelling or enjoy tv shows about how it can watch this online. It will give you a good insight about how it actually works within a high profile agency.

Moje srdce jasa. Moje oblibene hackovane veci, kuze,  asymetricke strihy, kruhove nausnice se budou opet nosit v nadchazejici sezone :) Balenciaga a Balmain maji naprosto skvele kousky v jejich poslednich kolekcich. Libi se mi hlavne kombinace materialu, rozmanite textury a barevne kombinace. A ty zlate prstynky Balenciaga....naprosto skvele.

A pokud vas modeling zajima a chcete videt vice, jak to treba chodi v modelingove agenture a vubec v tomto silenem a stresujicim prostredi, muzete sledovat online tento porad.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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  1. The rings are amazing!



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