Feb 22, 2012



Dear readers,

One of the trends for upcoming season is to be WHITE. Well, at least your clothing :) I absolutely love these dresses which you can find HERE and also many more gorgeous pieces. 

I think that choker necklace would look so amazing with these two dresses. 

Anyway check it out and do not forget to shop :) Because I will :)

Love Glamazon

Jeden z nadchazejicich a zaroven opakujicich se trendu je byt BILA. Alespon co se obleceni tyce. Neskutecne se mi libi tyhle saty, ktere muzete najit TADY a nejen tyhle.

Taky souhlasite, ze tenhle nahrdelnik by dodal tem satum ten spravny raz? 

Kazdopadne mrknete na tento mene znamy eshop a urcite dobre nakoupite. A kdyz ne vy...tak ja urcite :)

Love Glamazon xoxo


  1. Very glad to hear this news. I like white.

  2. I like the second one, on to be trully this necklace isn't so nice for me;)=)



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