Nov 4, 2011

New In...Black coat

Dear bloggers,

Last Saturday I just randomly tried this coat on while out with my friend and it looked so nice with my blonde hair and red lippy.
Following day I was with another friend and wanted to show her the coat as well and she suggested it suits me a lot so I kept thinking and thinking.
Three days later I bought it but still not convinced.
Good thing is I am getting better with my shopping and thinking over and over if I need it and want it so much, the bad thing is...that I ended up buying it anyway :DDD

Love Glamazon xoxo

Minulou sobotu jsem nahodne narazila na tento kabat, kdyz jsem byla venku s kamaradkou, libil se mi a zkusila jsem si ho. Prislo mi, ze vypadal skvele a kontrastne k mym blond vlasum a rude rtence. Dalsi den s jinou kamaradkou jsem si ho zkousela znovu a ta me ujistila, ze ho musim mit.

A protoze se lepsim ve svem jinak bezhlavem nakupovanim, tak jsem si ho hned nekoupila a premyslela dalsich par dni, zda ho chci a nechci a hlavne zda ho potrebuji. No dobra vec je, ze se lepsim a ta spatna, ze jsem si ho nakonec poridila :DDD

Love Glamazon xoxo


  1. I also need to get better at shopping. Well, the coat is lovely. You will look good in it.

  2. ebuu...dekuji...zatim si ho schovam i s ustrizkem a pokud me neuchvati jiny, tak si ho necham :) no vsak rikam, ze se lepsim :)



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