Sep 4, 2011

Take that jumpsuit out

Dear bloggers,

I was invited to bbq yesterday and was thinking 'more food'. Well just to explain after all the holidays, weddings its sort of not good for my figure so on Monday I will have to start to be strict with myself as there are more weddings and more holidays coming.
Anyway, I have had this jumpsuit for more than year but never worn it so it was time to take it out. It is comfy and simple so great for weekend.

Have a great Sunday.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Byla jsem pozvana na dalsi bbq a rekla jsem si zase jidlo. No abych to vysvetlila po vsech tech dovolenych a svatbach se to zacina podepisovat na me postave, takze v pondeli zacina teror a budu na sebe fakt prisna, protoze mam pred sebou jeste nekolik dovolenych a svateb. Mimochodem tento overal jsem si koupila snad pred rokem a teprve ho vytahla ven, myslim, ze jeho jednoduchost a pohodlnost ho cini skvelym vikendovym oblecenim.

A co vy a overaly? Nosite?

Preji krasnou Nedeli.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Wearing: New look Jumpsuit, Mulberry bag, Karen Millen sunglasses, Atmoshpere shoes, H&M blazer

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