Jul 16, 2010

Friday night date with a vampire

Hi Everybody,
I do not know how about you but I have been in love with vampires since I saw Twilight. Or better said, one specific vampire. I just saw the third part and had to dress up for that properly, lots of red and black.
It was the right choice for the movie setting and I loved the movie soooo much. What do you think about the ending. Not bat at all, I am so happy that Bella went for Edward, they are just amazing together. My heart is beating seriously.

So who was your friday night date?

Love Glamazon xoxo

Wearing: Dress Oasis, Bag Chanel, Scarf Vintage, Tights Asos, Shoes Atmosphere, Leather Jacket Oasis


  1. Super outfit! Nejvíce se mi líbí boty a Chanelka :))


  2. Andrejko, dekuji...me taky....

  3. ahoj topanky su super, mam podobne



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