Jun 26, 2010

Summer in London

Hello Dears,
Summer finally arrived to London. The weather has been amazing for last couple of days. People seem to be so much happier and positive. The atmosphere all around me is full of energy and happiness. It is strange how weather can change the face of every City. New York is like the best place on the planet when the Sun is shining. So is London.
Who would not fall in love with green parks full of people, chilling on the grass, having picnics and listening to music. You can watch local street artist, listen to their music, drink cool drinks or have little barbecue. How little do we need to create smiles on each face? Just better weather on a day off.
As for me, I dug all these simple clothes from the bottom of my wardrobe. Well, stripes are still in, so who cares its a skirt from last year:) Its actually difficult to find something to wear in such a hot weather in the City. And the shoes still rocks, two people stopped me on the way to Lido to ask me where they are from. To be honest, I do not remember at all, just know they were bargain.

Love Glamazon xxx

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